Looking for HTB noobs to start a group

I’m i’m… My last name is noob… where is the group?

Hi Pachin, you can join here

Can you post a new link?

you can join using this - link

hi everyone
hope your all doing good. id like to join the group if there is still room

Hi @11MarcoPolo11 you can join here

Hi im Justin, AKA a noob at this as well but am looking forward to working with others to expand our skills.

I am interested as well! What do i need to do to connect with you all

Can I get a link to that discord channel? The hardest thing for me is not having anyone else to bounce ideas off of regarding HTB. I would love to be part of this!

Hi there! Can I please join the group?

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me too!

Hello i would like to join if still available?

@ThomasAquinas @Mariahnkora @megger @dicendown

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late reply. Busy with work :frowning:

You can join the group here

I might not be able to respond in time and make yourselves at home :smiley:

Im down, I’m just about done with starting point, I have 4 more boxes and I’ve finished that.
Im working on Precious atm…

I would certainly be interested. Although it seems blocked off now. Are noob :wink: applicants still acceptted in?

Here is my favorite Telegram group where I got a lot of CTF Players already
UnOfficial HTB Telegram Group

Just wondering if there is still a group for noobs? I would like to join a team of noobs (being a noob myself) for the Noob CTF 2023 (and more)

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