HTB Telegram group for complete noobs

Hi and thank you for you time , ill start with that i’m a complete beginner and i saw that there’s a lot of beginner like me that don’t know what to do and how to proceed in HTB so i had an idea to open a telegram group with people who want to improve their information and learn from each other mistakes and together build a useful set of tools in hacking

Group link

Rules : don’t spam , Do not reveal the answer help by hints let the noob learn the way .

there is already telegram group

@n00bnoo0b said:
Telegram: Join Group Chat

i know that group but you all i mean most of you are professionals and that group for the ppl who don’t know a lot "a complete noob’s "we don’t want to spam with questions about things you all learned years ago

i didn’t learned the years ago many noob are there like u there is 3 htb group now made one more

Group is on?

@n00bnoo0b said:
Telegram: Join Group Chat

Telegram tells me that this group doesnt exist.

Unofficial group (just for fun)

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Here is Discord group for noobs Discord