List of labs/tracks for free user accounts

I am a new user and I have a free user account. I wanted to do the beginner track, but literally every machine/challenge I click is retired and requires VIP or VIP+. Is there a beginner track for free users? Is there a way to filter labs/challenges for free users?

Something which helps me a lot was the ‘Starting point’ and the machines inside it. All those machines have the walkthrough to learn and hack them. You must complete a short tutorial and solve the first machine and after it, you will see a list of machines to hack (each one with its walkthrough).

After it, you can keep hacking, go to ‘Machines’ and filter by the ‘Easy’ ones. However, remember that you will not have any walkthrough here.

The easy ones are:

  • Buff
  • Omni
  • Doctor
  • Academy

Buff is a good machine to start when you finish the ‘Starting point’ machines. I did it recently and managed to survive. You may ask at the forum if you need hints (or even send me a message).

I hope this information helps you.

Good luck!