Linux Fundamentals - Filter contents

All, i’m new to hacking and currently stuck on the last question of filter contents.
" Use cURL from your Pwnbox (not the target machine) to obtain the source code of the “” website and filter all unique paths of that domain. Submit the number of these paths as the answer."

I had a couple of problems with this one too, if you’re new to linux it isn’t an easy question to answer with sed, awk, etc.

What part in particular are you struggling with?

What i just did was first i checked the web page using curl then i checked the unique features of the link and i found that the links had " // " in common so i just grep that out in a tabular format in a temp file. After that i opened that file and further checked for some more unique features of the links and found that they all had “li” word in common so i grep out the lines li word and then saved that in tabular format in a new file temp1. then i manually removed some of unwanted results like starting with a or ul and then just wc -l the temp1 and i got what i wanted.

I don’t understand what it means by the unique paths of the domain. Does this mean the wp paths? I said the number of different wp paths in the file and it did not work.