Linux Fundamentals Filter Content - Filter All Unique Paths of Domain

The third question in the HTB academy module Linux Fundamentals, in the Filter Content section, "
Use cURL from your Pwnbox (not the target machine) to obtain the source code of “” website and filters all unique paths of that domain. Submit the number of these paths as the answer." I am stuck, I tried filtering out urls from looking at other content in the forum. I am confused what the question means by unique paths. What unique, specific thing am I supposed to look for? Here is the best command that I tried:

curl > inlanefreight.txt
cat inlanefreight.txt | tr " " "\n" | grep | column -t | wc -l

Thanks in advance!

curl | grep -Eo "https:\/\/.{0,3}\.inlanefreight\.com[^\"\']*" | sort -u | wc -l

grep -E = Extended-Regex, -o = only-matching

Thank you, I was having the same issue. This helped me better understand how grep, and sort work.