Linux command to access url in terminal

Does any one knows how to access the vulnerable website (Like this: Screenshot by Lightshot) in the terminal so that we can navigate these files in the terminal with the help of commands (Like: cd, ls, cat, etc.).
Guys I have googled it 2-3 months ago and luckily in the first I found that command {it was like–> (command) (URL) } but I forgot to take a note of that command and have not stored it.
Please help me in this.

Thank you in advance.

If you are talking about sites with WebDav enabled on them, try cadaver perhaps? Or Google about using curl with WebDav.

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As already stated, you can use curl
curl or with the output in a file curl -o file
Otherwise, you can use wget to download a web page, wich is the same as curl -s -O

Hope this could help.

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Hey guys, finally after 1 week of search I found the command for which I was searching for…
It is lftp. It is the another variant of ftp command.
It works like…
A website which is showing it’s filesystem in the browser: Screenshot by Lightshot
Now the use of lftp : lftp
Screenshot by Lightshot

You can literally perform commands like cd,ls,cat without even doing ssh to the server.

Thanks for your help guys.