In a local ParrotOS VM using HTB edition, are the programs baked in?

It seems that whenever I go to execute a command in the terminal on the HTB edition of Parrot OS, which I have installed on a local VM, they’re “not found, bash script blah blah”. No command works in the programs I start.

Do I need to go out of my way to download these programs on this VM? Hopefully this is trivial and someone has an answer.

Have you ran apt update && apt upgrade? They also might not be in your $PATH.

What type of command ,what is the command and are you using the terminal not PowerShell etc … , share more info about the issue .

I’m using the MATE terminal to execute every command.

The commands usually look like this: -i

I’m still learning Linux, so I’m hoping it’s just negligence or incompetence. The menus of the programs I’m running to do info gathering are all in the terminal, and the commands just won’t execute when I type “-i (ip address)”.

I did the update, just now actually. But now I’m curious about this $PATH business, could you elaborate on how I could change that?

To use a command without navigating to the directory and executing the file you can add it to your PATH so instead of doing Python3 /usr/share/john/ you would be able to do ssh2john <files here>

maybe its not the syntax of the command , for example to run Nmap you can to use (nmap -v) for verbose but in other tools it can be - -verbose or -verbose or -ver etc…
its not always the same in all the tools , so i highly recommend the
Linux Fundamentals from HTB academy .