Legacy: Exploit completed, but no session was created.

So I’ve been trying to exploit Legacy for a few hours now and I keep getting the above error message.

I’ve tried msf5 and msf6, I’ve tried using HTB pwnbox instead of my own Kali instance, I’ve made sure I’m using the right lhost (tried both ip and simply tun0), I’ve reset the machine multiple times. I set the target from auto to XP SP3 English. Changed lports (making sure my nc listener matches). Still I keep getting “no session created”.

nmap scans fine, I can ping it. What am I doing wrong???

Using exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi like the official walkthrough recommends, too.

wtf…I came back and did the exact same steps I did yesterday and it worked today… is there any logical reason for that or is this simply an example of some boxes being “unstable”? Are newer machines this finnicky?

It depends. I don’t generally have issues with stability. I’ve only encountered it on a few boxes in specific circumstances. You might have slipped up on the configuration or maybe there was something wrong with that specific spawn of the machine. It does sound like you had a solid trouble shooting process so kudos for that. Sometimes a reset is what it takes though.

Same problem today with Blue. Following the guides verbatim but not getting the reverse shell back. Tried my own Kali vm and pwnbox. Very frustrating

I’m having the exact same problem.