Am I missing something here? I’m not able to find any entry point for ‘Jeeves’. I’ve been trying to find directories I can use for the past 2 hours, but so far no luck.

first scan all ports … andd scan both HTTP portal …

Found a ‘Snapshot’.

@Pr0xyXS said:
Found a ‘Snapshot’.

i cant say more … without spoiling …its better to DM me…

Any hint to priv esc for this machine?

@kostasHTB said:
Any hint to priv esc for this machine?

do a good post enumeration, jeeves privesc is not hard

where is the flag? I already got system… cant see it on the usual place… so late that I wont be surprise if I have it in front of me. lol

I give up with searching, can someone msg me in private and tell me where the root.txt is? I been 2 hours looking and is 6:15am with system creds that is whats important for me, but searching all the drive for hidden and system files etc and 20 more combinations with nothing… for a root.* even have try token.* I can give more details in private… the fact that is 6:L15am is not helping at all… lol

never mind… got it… lol… was used to DOS but this stuff is to new :slight_smile: