irked question

The other day I got to a shell. I knew I had to elevate still, but it was getting late, and I figured I’d pick up in a few days. This is a totally new learning experience for me. My experience in security has always been on the defensive side.

Well It try to pick up where I left of, and using my notes from the previous day I can’t get to my shell. I do some digging and zenmap shows me that the ports changed. My copy and paste of the zenmap output from the other day clearly shows different ports. interesting twist, I guess. So I try the new ports, as the old ports aren’t there anymore. Using my notes but with the new ports I get busy. But, msfconsole tells me “Exploit completed, but no session was created.” Huh? I can understand the twist of changing the ports randomly, but is the service now disabled too? Is there a window of time to exploit this thing? That makes it kind of hard to pick up where you left of and learn this stuff.

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