Information Gathering - Web Edition Skills Assessment #3

This is the only question that is driving me nuts I have tried to Zone Transfer and dig until I can’t dig anymore to find the server name that is returned to the host. The question is:

Perform active infrastructure identification against the host What server name is returned for the host?

I’ve found 4 different servers from fastly. I also found the CNAME (Which isn’t the real name that points to the real server, but I have no clue how to point it back.) I have done “dig -x” didn’t work. This is the only thing I have.

Anyone have any clues that can help me?

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Hi, Do you solve the question?
Could you give me some hints about this question?

I solved it. Ill tell you like this. Use the curl -l and follow the redirect. If you’re stuck DM me.

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Had to read, “What server name is returned for the host?” a few times before it stood out. I realized I was looking at it all along. Thanks, @QuickFix914

No problem I know sometimes it gets confusing.

Could you help me with this question? I have already tried whois, whatweb, dig, nslookup and nothing, i have also tried curl -I $target and i don’t even get a redirect…
Thanks in advance

Do you solve this? If your target is you should see “location” who is the redirect.

When you curl the website you should get an error code.

@SylverSK40 also replied a very useful hint

Guys in this question we are looking for the name of the server of the host and not the servername.
Good luck