Information gathering - web edition

I need help!! if anyone has solved the 3rd question on the Active Subdomain Enumeration section of this module please help I have been trying and can’t get it.

The question is:
Find and submit the contents of the TXT record as the answer.

The domain is “inlanefreight.htb”, the nameserver has been found, and it has a randomly generated IP address so I am assuming It needs to be treated as a Vhost. So Before anyone asks, Yes I have put the two in the /etc/hosts file together with the IP address and to no avail. What do I do next I have tried multiple commands and nothing I am completely stuck?

Never mind got the flag! Reply if you get stuck on the same question.

I’m stuck in that exact same question. i have already tried several dig and nslookup commands and nothing…

I am also stuck on this question, if anyone got some tips would appreciate it!