Information Gathering - Web Edition Skills Assessment #3

First I curl to the i.igmur and then I curl to the relocation ww38.i.igmur but I can`t seem to find the server name… in the curl responses I get Apache, nginx but they are not correct…

did you use curl -I?

if you refer to @noone00 's post its right there. You are doing the steps right.

This mod got me too. You will over think it but its SOOOOOOO simple that you will be pissed after lol.

Yeeeeahhh! seems the link is down and igmur is death haha is?

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You are not going to believe what I was doing wrong!!! I gotta go back to elementary and learn to read againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

I’ve probably done worse. What did you do?

I was wrong typing!!!


Server name… this is so funny when you realize that using curl -I actually gives you the answers.

Hint: it says “server:”

Completely agree, that question is worded VERY poorly. I read your hint, and realized I already found what they wanted several times.


Exactly, i just solved, poor wording which all challange has, i hate this

20 minutes trying to find the name server until i saw your commentary. Thanks for contributing.