I can connect to VPN but thats it .... ? no ping, nc ... nothing

This is a screen shot showing that the web site is seeing my opvn connection … but I cant ping any of the boxes nor can i get the starting-point (Meow) to see that I am in fact connected. I am sure its just a noob missed it when RTFM’n but I am stumped and would love to play around here … Pls help :sunglasses:

If it helps I am willing to generate logs to show that i am infact connected via opvn to HTB. And can show that I am unable to ping any box on the tun interface. Even when the boxes walkthrough clearly says to … in the case of meow it wont even acknowledge that i am connected to the VPN so it wont let me spin up the machine. But I can connect to other boxes like tier0 on the site showing that I have joined them BUT I cant ping them or even get them to be seen by nc.

There are more than one VPN. The lab, the accademy and the starting point VPN. It looks like you are connected to the free lab VPN, not to the starting point VPN. You need to download the starting point VPN data file and start this VPN.

You can found the starting point VPN file on the HTB starting point page after clicking “CONNECT TO HTB”.

I had actually found an post that talked about a guy switching to the EU servers and it fixed his issue so I tried it and that seem to solve it. For what ever reason it was showing me connected to the fee.vpn but would not let me do any of the free boxes either … my guess is the US servers are all full up ??? either way THANK YOU!!! :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: