HTBAcademy: Windows Fundamentals. How to add a security group?

I am struggling with the last section for the windows fundamentals module in HTB Academy. It is the ‘Skills Assessment’ section. I am unable to find a way to create a ‘Security Group’.

In the spawned remote desktop, I have gone to Computer Management, system tools, local users and groups. If I right click groups, I have the option of making a new group. But no where in this process does it give an option to make a SECURITY group.

I have scoured reddit, forums, google, bing, and duckduckgo. I have tried activating 'Active Directory in ‘Features.’ I have tried various commands such as ‘New-ADGroup’ in powershell. I am able to complete ALL steps required, and have been able to answer all the questions at the bottom EXCEPT the last one. I’m sure it is because of the afformentioned detail; that being me not creating a SECURITY group, just a regular one.

Can someone please tell me HOW to create a security group, or at least give me a generous hint? I am at my wits end. I’ve been at this for many hours now. The remote desktop OS is Windows 10 Enterprise.

For those who read through all of this, thank you. I was mindful to avoid spoilers. If I did include any spoilers, please let me know so I can frame future questions more appropriately.

Okay so I figured it out. Gotta pay more attention to the steps. The group created is technically a “security group”.