List the SID associated with the HR security group you created

List the SID associated with the HR security group you created.

Im stuck at this question i just want the answer and nothing else. Please help me!

Someone PLEASE help me!

You just want the answer with no explanation?

I would like to have an explanation to but im fine with just answer

Do you have the answer?

Sorry dude I don’t have the sid, I haven’t done that module. I would have to boot it up and run through the module. Why don’t you just run:

whoami /?

The answer to get the answer is right there.

Good luck!

I ran every possible command. I have been looking up for this question in this forum, reddit and youtube but answer is just incorrect…

DM me the commands you have tried and the answers you have gotten. I will launch it and see if I can guide you to the correct answer.

Hi, try this command “wmic useraccount get name, sid” you have the answer for your question there.

I had the same confusion, the question is asking about “group” SID not “user” SID,
for which you can use this command → wmic group get name,sid

Look You are the always warning peopl by reporting their account just because they need an answer. How about when you are stuck and its no way to get off on your own. If you don’t want to really help its ok but its not right that you report account just because that person give away the right answer.

Hey dude, I think you may have the wrong person, I don’t have time to report people. Mostly I answer the 5+ DMs a day I get asking for help on CBBH topics.

But to be honest, this forum shouldn’t be a place where you “give away” the right answers. People that are copying and pasting their way through the academy are just going to fail the final exam when they reach it. I would rather they explain their issues that way we can give them helpful nudges in the right direction. So who ever is reporting you, which is most likely the forum moderators just doing their jobs. I hope they keep it up.

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TITLE : I have the SID but i doesnt work :frowning: !!
Hi. I was stuck for a while aswell. I even ended up thinking it was a bug from the answer form.

Here’s the thing : if you are everything like me ; messing up with commands until you get the right result, then you can’t really have the good answer to the two SIDs questions (user & group)

I explain myself, when you first create a user/group on the machine, the SID Subauthority3 (alias the last 4 digits) will be calculated ( it increase by 1 from the previously created user / group).

So, i already knew how to show the SID of users/groups, but HTB answer form wants the exact SID if you created it without messing up (i.e for me, i did create like 2 other users before the right one “Jim” ; i did “Joe” and “Josh” because i read too fast… --') anyway, what i did is that i took the SID of the Jim user and decrease 1 by 1 the last 4 digits util it filled the right order that expect HTB.

For the ones who are looking for the command, try to use Get-LocalUser and Get-LocalGroup cmdlets. Search a bit of what you can pass as parameters for this cmdlet and you’ll get the SID quickly.

Seeya, M3DUS4