HTB - OSCP Team - Collaboration and Learning

Good Day Everybody,

I would like to create or be part of a team that collaborates and works together to complete the boxes. The idea is to share knowledge, methods, books, articles and information that help us to improve in this field.

A typical approach would be attempting to exploit one box a time, and trying to figure out alternate methods (recon, exploits, priv esc, enum etc…)
As a team, we would develop our own tools and do extensive research as to understand why and how something work or didn’t work etc…

The ideal team member would be:

  1. At least Hacker level to be able to be part of the team…
  2. Don’t quit easily
  3. Ability to think outside the box
  4. contributes to the team
  5. works hard and loves solving difficult security challenges
  6. knows how to do research (google…etc…)

That’s the idea for now.

Hack The Box

After I finish pwk and take my oscp exam Im down to join. I should be finished, or atleast do my first exam attempt, before the end of the month. I cant do HTB stuff until im done though.

I’d like to join - I think working with new people would further widen my horizon.

I added you…

This is a great idea. I’d like to join.

@BINtendo, I sent you an invite

Can I join this group? Honestly speaking, I may not contribute a lot. But I really want to learn something new. And I know that joining this group will make me widen my knowledge when it comes to security.

@emndc95 I added you. Welcome

great initiave. i would love to join the groupe…

I’d like to join

I would also like to join please

I would like to join as well; have been working PWK since late Nov and would love to collaborate.

Hi, this would be amazing to join. I am currently a security engineer who is trying to eventually move to a red team role and these types of challenges (HTB, Overthewire, VulnHub) are great.

I’ve been thinking of joining some sort of team or at least a way to become an mentee of someone with much more experience than me. I am very active on these challenges and I would love to collaborate with other users.

Let me know if I can join, thanks!

Hi @squid22

I am preparing OSCP exam and i will like to enter the group please.

Thanks a lot

cool… I sent invites to all of you.

I’d like to join :slight_smile:

I would be interested as well.

so far, everybody that has requested to be added should had received invites.

Team name: Vyt3k1ng5

If anybody else wants to join, let me know

I would also like to join please

Hi, @squid22 , I would also like to join the team, currently preparing for OSCP, would love to learn and share, thank you !