looking for a team to join

i am kind of a noob and i am looking for a team i can join that will help me. i speak English only just to let you guys know.

Count me in, even though I’m not currently to active on HTB atm. Working on my OSCP :slight_smile:

Sounds like we got a team of 3. +1: I was just doing the OSCP. Taking the exam Feb.

I want in too :slight_smile:

me too … Planning OSCP in 2019. So need guys to discuss topics and noob questions.

so let’s make a team than

@ShayNay said:
so let’s make a team than

yes. Will PM you.

Im also interested in this. Planning to pay for OSCP January this year. WIll also like to share ideas. SIgn me up

Hey guys. Can I join the tribe too?
I’m on holidays, plenty of time to play with

Okay than let’s do it

Ok, where’s @j4ilbr3k ? He’s the one who started the thread but disappeared since November. Has anyone already created the team?

Planning for march this year, would like to join

I’m planning OSCP early this year, I would like to join the team too

Guys, don’t know if you got notified, but I sent invitation for all of you. Not sure exactly how it works, but all of them are still pending

Hi Salamander, I will like to join as well. Please add me to the group.

I didn’t receive any notification.

Join me as well

who is serious about this ?

May I join the team? I’m new but active on HTB and also have eyes set on PwK and OSCP.

lol still need team members? I would love to join lol I did OSCP already and failed 3/5 boxes haha so attempting it again in the summer.