HTB Labs Login Keeps Crashing My Browser

Recently when I try to log in to HTB Labs it crashes my web browser. It crashes both Firefox and Chromium. I’m running Kali Linux in a Parallels VM on Apple Silicone. Please help.

I tried clearing my browser cache and resetting the machine. That didn’t help. I managed to log in indirectly by logging into the forum but the browser crashed again when I beat a Starting Point challenge.

I re-installed Kali with the latest version. No dice. It’s still crashing my browser.

I installed a ParrotOS VM and the site works fine which means it’s not Parallels. It’s either Kali or the way the site is interacting with Kali. I suspect it’s Kali.

I managed to log in without crashing by disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox. Oddly, the background animation does not show up. This will do for now I guess.

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Okay guys, so I did a little work to rule things out. I turned off the adaptive hypervisor; that didn’t fix it. I installed Parallels tools; that didn’t fix it.

The only thing that fixes it is to turn off hardware acceleration in Firefox (and presumably Chrome if you want to use that) and restart the browser. It turns out it’s not a big deal since Parallels doesn’t provide access to the graphics card anyway. I mean it’s definitely a bug but it doesn’t affect anything. I’m not gonna waste any more time on this. A shared library probably updated to a broken version. I’m sure it will be fixed in a future update. Until then, this works.

I hope this helps someone.


PS: Thanks for all the your help.


Thanks for this I thought I was losing my mind or my kali box had gotten pwned! I’m running Parallels and kali on my Mac and have been having the same issues with Firefox and the HTB login portal just freezing and essentially crashing the browser. Oddly enough HTB academy login still works fine.

You’re welcome. I think it’s the animation in the HTB Login screen. Other animations such as those that show upon challenge completion would also cause my browser to crash.

IIRC, I tested it in UTM too and it crashed there too so it’s a Kali ARM64 thing.