HTB Academy SQLMap Essentials - Final flag typo?

I did the Skills Assessment and retrieved the final flag…copy pasted it to the solution field but it says it is wrong…so i was a bit confused, because its for sure the final flag…so i read the flag text and recognized that there seems to be typo in the leet speech translation…

so i just tried to change that char to the correct one by hand an boom … Solution Accepted. Well i dont think that its part of the solution to change the flag and get rid of that typo by hand, so maybe this should get fixed for all who will try this exercise in the future.

I dont think its a spoiler when i say… in the flag text the “i” Character was translated (leet speech) to “4”. After i changed it to “1” (to represent “i”) the flag was accepted.

Hello, please may you give me a hint with the Skills Assessment, i did a lot of combination of tampers but nothing work for… I am stuck. I think the attack vector it is headers.