SQLMap essentials - cast #5 flag

I am currently on cast #5 on the sqlmap essentials room, I found the ejection and most of the flag, but can’t get the full flag. The hint says to run the command few times to get the correct result, but no mather how many times I ran it and changed commands, it didnt help.

The command I run:
sqlmap -u --no-cast --dump -T flag5 --level=5 --risk=3

What should I do?

I restarted the target and it worked. If you get a flag that ends with 9, change it to ‘7}’ and that’s it.

hey man i am also getting an error. i’ve restarted the target many times and the table dumps but it looks like it could be a HTB issue.

I restarted the machine like 10 times until I got the right flag, HTB should fix it