academy sqlmap essentials case:10

I’m a bit stuck on Case 10 for the sqlmap essentials course. It says “What’s the contents of table flag10? (Case #10)” I’ve been banging my head on the wall for a bit. I’m able to perform a scan against the page with an case10.php?id=1 ending, but it says there are no vulnerabilities with the parameter. I’ve tried various techniques, but they haven’t gotten me anywhere. Is the cc column a hash of some other column? I didn’t see any logic for hashing in the response. I could use some hints.

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Im so stuck there, did u get the flag??

did u solved it? now im stuck i need some hint

nevermind i did it if someone needs help dm me!!!

can you help me?

got it lol, try to be unpredictable

Got it, try to use what you learned on the lesson, use everything in your disposal until it works