HTB Academy : linux priv escalation new module 1592

hi friends, does somebody has gained the first flag for this module? I guess this is a refurbished module because there are questions I haven’t seen before, y the past I had resolved this already, could somebody give me some hints? thanks a lot!!


Hi dstnat,

I am also having trouble finding the flag for the new module 1592.

I have spent a lot of time enumerating the “Environment Enumeration” but have been unable to find the flag.



I’ve been looking for TWO DAYS. I don’t think it’s there, or if it is it’s hidden somewhere very obscure.

I’ve sent a request to support.

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So it is there but you need to do recursive grep from / to find the file that contains it. (It is very obscure lol)

Hello XVX,

Any pattern that can help me to find this obscure flag.

Thank you,

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hi , could you give us that way? we are stuck, thanks a lot!!

can anybody help for this?

It is a hidden file. To figure that out by grep think about: how a flag generally looks like?
There is a pattern for most flags used in HTB academy. Look up for that keyword.

i cant find enything related to htb string
find / -type f -name “.HTB*” -exec ls -l {} ; 2>/dev/null

find . -print | grep -i htb

It’s hidden in the file content, not the file name.

i had an idea, i did this: find / -type f -name “.*” -exec ls -l {} ; 2>/dev/null > revisar.txt , now I want cat command to cat this list of files inside revisar.txt and then filter with grep. Example grep | htb, can anybody give me a hint?

[quote=“Regon, post:2, topic:306884”]
sudo -u#-1 /bin/ncdu

ls -alt /home/lab_admn/

cat /home/lab_adm/.viminfo