File Inclusion/Dir Traversal Module - HELP (HTB Academy)

Hello, someone discovered the flag for this module? Login : HTB Academy
It says Assess the web application and use a variety of techniques to gain remote code execution and find a flag in the / root directory of the file system. Submit the contents of the flag as your answer.
I tried to scan with nmap, use dirsearch, but can’t include files or change url. I used filters, but the index not show anything interesting.
Please, help

This gets asked a lot here - however, oddly, I cant find any of the previous discussions - even though I know I was part of them.


  • I haven’t done this lab so I have no idea what the actual path is to get the flag is.
  • Reading the question implies you need to exploit the web application. Is there a web application running?
  • if there is a web application, look to see if it is vulnerable to any exploits. If it is (and it probably is), then I’d prioritise an exploit that allowed directory traversal or RFI, simply because that’s the lab.
  • if you can read files, the question tells you where to look for the flag.

Ok, man. Thank you
I found an admin page, but now how I can find the flag?
There is no login page, and I’m scanning. I’m exploring the pages in ilf_*****. Nothing interesting, only logs.

I made some progress, PM for discussions, and maybe find the answer together.

Make sure when you attempt a LFI to pass enough ‘…/’ otherwise it might be looking in the wrong dir. Been stuck at this for quite a while but eventually it worked and got the flag! Fun box

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Is it possible to get a reverse shell to this(final) machine?

everyone can i have help on the local file inclusion final skill assessment module ?? thanks

succeded the module DM me in case of need

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i solve it with hard way.

  • create shell using
  • send and run the to the targit
  • open nc , and found the flag
    flag format [ flag_…txt ]

good luck