HTB Academy Footprinting FTP

I’m stuck, trying to download from flag.txt .

I already tried using the GET command, and used all the NSE scripts for ftp in nmap.

Any hints, or something I missed?

already done, didn´t know that you can read a file using get with “-” at the end.

Hey man,

I got the flag.txt easily, but I am stucked at the question before

Which version of the FTP server is running on the target system? Submit the entire banner as the answer.

Through Nmap I got a Version, but HTB says it is not correct.
Through “status” command on the ftp-server I got a version as well, but HTB says it is not correct again.

How else could I check for a version of the FTP server?

Thankful for any hints <3

Hello @v1chul,

Wen you login in ftp type ls and enable trace. ls -R and in last line get flag \ flag.txt
ls | grep Notes.txt
cat flag.txt

yeah I was stuck there too, but there is a easy way out in texts already. I presumed you already solved it, but I just want to remain this message for next doors

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