How to submit a challenge to HackTheBox

How to submit a challenge to HackTheBox

First of all, you need to create your challenge.
After that you need to send an email to with the subject in the format “Challenge - ChallengeType - ChallengeName!”

Eg: Challenge - Crypto - You can do it!

In the email you add all the files for the challenge as well as include a writeup to the challenge - You can also add your own opinion in regards to the difficulty.
Remember to include a description (If needed) as well as the flag form (If needed).

Eg: The flag will be HTB{password} in lowercase.

Finally, at the end you should state your HackTheBox nickname. Eg: “My nickname in HTB is: Stylish”

Make sure that you haven’t copied your challenge from any other site and you made it yourself.

Hope this helped someone.

Happy Hacking !

By: Stylish


thanks @Stylish - very useful post!

Please note that as of tomorrow (July 1), challenges can be submitted directly through the website and the email will no longer be used.

Great, might use it in the future.

Nice. Working on making a cool box for you guys :slight_smile:

What about the submission of machine?

Thank you for the informations