How do I begin challenges?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post these questions, they might seem a bit silly/trivial for others:

  • Can I complete the challenges on PWNBOX or do I need to complete them on my local computer? I ask because of the file downloads to my local drive

  • After I download the files, then what? Do I need to use a specific program to run them? I know it probably depends upon the challenge - is that part of the challenge?

You can solve it both ways. In my case, I find it more comfortable to download the files on my Parrot OS Linux virtual machine. Then, you have to use the necessary tools according to the challenge. This also applies to HackTheBox Academy.

I am pretty new to this, so for ease have been using HTB PWNBOX incase I made any mistakes setting up - is it just as possible to use that platform?

Simularly, would prefer to be downloading them onto a VM

Before you start doing challenges, I recommend you start with the HackTheBox academy: I also suggest you look for a tutorial on virtualizing “Kali Linux” or “Parrot OS” in “VirtualBox”. Don’t be afraid to make configuration mistakes, I’ve made several myself and have had to reinstall my virtual machine a couple of times. However, if you prefer, you can start by practicing with the PwnBox.

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Thank you - I think ill work through the academy first - the question is, at what point to move on to challenges/boxes?

My thought was to do an academy module and then work through some HTB challenges/boxes which are related to the module, to go deeper and get a strong understanding of the module.

That’s a good point. If you’re doing that, it’s a great way to learn. You can also read about challenging scripts or machines that have been retired, and perform them as if you discovered them yourself. In addition, you can try the “Starting Point” machines. Good luck on your learning path! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I just need to figure if I can use the challenges on the HTB PWNBOX rather than downloading files locally or setting up a VM!

I have tried some of the starting point machines but to be honest they are harder than some of the ‘easy’ retired machines.

If that is your question, the challenges are downloaded to your local disk. You can transfer these files to the pwnbox using file transfer methods. You can also mount a shared folder on your Windows and download them that way to the pwnbox.

Amzing - thank you for all the assistance. Have you been doing offensive cyber long? How are you finding the learning process?

I find it fun, I have 1 year of programming experience and 1 year of cybernetics experience.