Official Secure Signing Discussion

Official discussion thread for Secure Signing. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

any Tips on this? The best i can come up with is Brute force

It really required stepwise brute force and special characters, but it’s doable

Just finished the challenge, send a DM if you need a hint

I would want some hint please.

Just sent a friend request. Thank you so much for helping!

Hi Azan, new to HTB and saw you already done the “secure signin” crypto challenge. can you please help me with some hints? (just sent a friend request)

Hi, just started htb and got stuck with this one. would you be so kind and give me some hints please? sent friends req on discord

Nice little challenge, thanks for making it!

This isn’t a hint but with these types of bruteforcing challenges I always like to print in each iteration of the loop like this print(f'\r{flag}', end='', flush=True) It makes it look cool. :sweat_smile:

can i get a hint? I know its about bruteforcing but how do I validate the value I brutefurce?

Figuring out how to validate the value is the whole point of the challenge.

Thanks. I was being dumb. Very simple indeed

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When bruteforcing, how do I know the length of the flag?

At some point, the next decoded character will be a }

Does the system stop asking for options at some point? I’m trying to send character one after the other, but after sending couple of character the netcat stops asking for options. and replies become like this.

I tried introducing delays before sending, assuming this is some kind of throttling response. That helped somewhat, but not a lot.

it shouldn’t stop asking for new input and immediately return the calculated hash

Can somebody give me a hint pls i havent solve such type of tasks before