How to connect to machine anonymously without a VM?

I think everyone knows that you should never connect to a machine using your real IP, so that’s when a virtual machine and a VPN can do the job in maintain your PC anonymous. But my problem is I don’t want to use a VM (my PC have only 4GB RAM), and I want to know some way that I could connect my real machine with two VPNs, something like:

openvpn > Openvpn htb > machine

I’ve searched about vpn chaining but I don’t know if it could work with the openvpn file of htb, because it’s not a “normal” internet vpn that I would tunnel all my internet traffic.

When you say “machine” in this context, do you mean a HTB box?

If so, then I think you are overthinking the risks here. The main reason people use VMs is that most people dont use Kali/parrot as their day to day OS. If you do, then I wouldn’t worry too much about connecting it via OpenVpn to HTB.

Thanks for the response, I was thinking if I’m too paranoid haha.
You right that I shouldn’t worry too much.

I can access internet while connected with HTB vpn, but even if I’m running another vpn at same time the traffic will be separate (I open one vpn with network manager from Parrot and the HTB vpn with terminal openvpn) because one instance is running on tun0 and the other is running on tun1, HTB vpn still seeing my true IP.

I don’t if it makes any sense what I wrote, but I tried my best to explain something I don’t even know if is how it works.

@sparkla said:

@TazWake maybe we should mention another issue you can have, I’m not sure if OP asked about that actually? Some people have the problem they can’t access public internet while connected to HTB vpn. It’s a configuration issue.

Totally worth mentioning - but I do think it is worth a different thread. Most OVPN configs should allow non-HTB traffic to go out to the internet but some may need tweaking.

Also some folks like me like to keep their security research on a public VPN to get some anonymity when googling for “kali phishing attack with malware” :smiley:

There is nothing wrong with this at all. The HTB VPN might not help though as it wont route traffic to google over the VPN. I’ve never tried but you could probably run two VPNs without much trouble (it is easier to have a VM though, then you can run on VPN on that and a second on the host)

@sparkla said:

I’m curious myself how to run 2 VPNs side-by-side cause I’m always having issues with multiple VPN connections simultaneously.

A lot of it depends on the VPN, I think.

As an example, right now I have a NordVPN tunnel running and two openvpn tunnels (one HTB and one to a server of my own). It has created multiple adapters in my networking and all three VPNs are to different subnets.

I suspect if all three were 10/8 (for example) things would go wrong, but it seems stable for at least a few minutes with 1x 192.168/16 address, 1x 10/8 and 1x 172.16/12 address.

I can’t say if it is going to be stable, consistent or if it will allow me to sling packets across the wire at targets.