Help with this question!

New to HTB and IT in general, so its probably me being an idiot… What exactly does this question want as the answer? I’ve tried submitting the contents of the .txt file in a few different ways but its always incorrect

you need to open the file so just go to cmd, use cd func. to go to that folder and write
cat flag.txt

thank you so much for your reply

its a windows cmd so cat dosent function unfortunately

opening the file I understand… Its just whatever I copy and paste into the answer box I seem to get an incorrect responce!

type flag.txt
and sorry I forgot that cd doesn’t work in cmd.
I did it just by double-clicking on the file idk how it doesn’t work for you.

Thanks mate I really appreciate it

Can you remember what exact text from within the flag file you pasted into the answer box?

this worked perfectly! gave a unique string of letters/numbers

Thank you so much for you help was driving me crazy haha

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