Help me with windows attack & defense PKI-ESC1

Connect to the Kali host first, then RDP to WS001 as ‘bob:Slavi123’ and practice the techniques shown in this section. What is the flag value located at \dc1\c$\scripts?

Hi, I’m stuck on this part and I can’t go on, I don’t understand how the things works. After creating the certificate cert.pem on the ws001 machine with certificate.exe they suggest to modify the file in a .pfx but it’s not explained how should I do it with the Kali, the documentation only shows a couple scripts to convert the file but I’m not understanding how should I pass the file from the ws001 to the Kali and back again once converted. Please help me :pray:

do smbclient from kali, just type smb, command is alredy prefilled. I stuck after transfering the file to kali, can1t convert it. If you can please let me know

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Save the certificate Just doing copy paste on a txt on the Kali, then do the command to convert, first this one “sed -i ‘s/\s\s+/\n/g’ cert.pem” and then this “openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pem -keyex -CSP “Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0” -export -out cert.pfx” , once you convert it, you can transfert the file in the other machine, hope will be helpful

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thank you, it worked

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how can i RDP to WS001. i tried ping to WS001.eagle.local to know the ip and RDP to that adress but i failed. It says the trust between computers failed.

please help.

The ip of the ws001 should be the if I remember…when you open the attack machine search in the start menu for “Remmina” and use it to connect via RDP the machine

thanks. i already solved. i asked because the conection was failing. HTB says to wait 10 minutes when conected to targed machine to load settings.

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hello, tried to use the

“sed -i ‘s/\s\s+/\n/g’ cert.pem” and then this “openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pem -keyex -CSP “Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0” -export -out cert.pfx”

however i got this error: No supported data to decode. Input type: PEM

what should be the format inside the cert.pem file?

hey @josemmm11 im still getting the error trust between computers failed. how did you solve these

contact HTB support and explain to them the error to get support.

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same here :melting_face:

Finally got it: the machine is just not stable, reload is untill the error stops appearing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi there, I got this error “could not read private key from -in file from cert.pem” Does anyone else have it? I’m really stuck in here :pray: