Granny/Grandpa crashing?

Anyone having issues with stability on connections with Grandpa or Granny? I Can’t even exploit them with metasploit or keep persistent shells open.

I’m having the same issue. Following the Write-Up migrating to davcdata.exe get an error in Meterpreter “Error running command migrate: Rex::TimeoutError Operation timed out.” I have also done a reset but the migration fails.

Edit: Managed to get root exiting out of metasploit and getting back in. The process it seems got executed and when connecting was NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE so followed the walkthrough.

Forgot to mention I was trying to do it without Meterpreter. Looks like it’s reliant on the process migration feature you can use with it otherwise I think the process is flaky. Noticed after a quick migration disconnects stopped happening. I haven’t used Meterpreter much but I’m guessing it also handles other stuff under the hood.

If anyone has anything on this without having to use the process migration or a process migration without Meterpreter that would be awesome.

why does not allow to make migration?

meterpreter > migrate 3768
[*] Migrating from 2184 to 3768…
[-] Error running command migrate: Rex::TimeoutError Operation timed out.

I’m having the same problem. Even doing the walkthrough step-for-step does not allow for either flag to be reached.

Same problem here, I got timed out every time I try to migrate.

same problem here, even can’t use suggester. it always shows Post interrupted by the console user

I did granny & grandpa last week with metasploit and didn’t remember any persistence issues. Now I’m trying granny without metasploit, I get a shell by using curl to put and trigger an aspx reverse shell but lose it after about 30 seconds. I tried a stagless, staged, and even meterpreter payloads but none of them were persistent. It was only a network service shell so I didn’t even have time to try to priv esc. I just did grandpa before this and was able to hold onto the service shell no problem, but after I priv esc’d with churrasco I lost my shell right after I found the flags. I looked around a bit before posting this and it looks like these are common issues with these boxes.

I assume the cause falls on HTB, but could it have something to do with the aspx shell??

Turns out the issue can be solved by changing vpn (from US to EU or vice versa).

I was able to have a stable shell with a simple stageless payload, no meterpreter needed.

As the same article points out, a stable shell can also be achieved by exploiting iis 6.0 with ScStoragePathFromUrl, however this was the intended method for grandpa only since grandpa cannot be exploited via PUT and MOVE.

process migration is your way