Running into a wall with funky shell

Hello all,

I’m able to get a low-level shell on Grandpa/Granny, but the only way that I can figure out how to upload files to it is via FTP. Certutil doesn’t seem to work, no PS, curl, etc… I can spin up a FTP server on my local machine and then connect to it, but then the shell gets funky. Sometimes I can get the file, sometimes I can’t. But I can never exit ftp and return to cmd. I’m stuck in a half-responsive ftp menu.

This wouldn’t be an issue if I could just replay the exploit, get a new new shell, then run my file. But the exploit I use for the initial shell only works once, then I have to restart/restore the VM if I want to try again.

Is this an issue with the specific exploit that I’m using? Or is there something other than FTP that I should/could be using?

Screenshot of funky terminal: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I think it might depend on how you are getting your initial shell. Its been years but I though the initial exploit on Grandpa landed a priv shell.

If there’s a way to get a priv shell, I haven’t found it. I was able to get a more stable shell via meterpreter, but I’m very much trying to not use metasploit at all.