Gen...Gentoo in VirtualBox hosted by Kali?

Any obvious stupidity in that setup?(hehe)

Background info:
I just wanted to see what Gentoo is like, but I’m too much of a noob to be like “there you go, main OS”. I thought a virtual environment would allow me to bebe-step adapt to stuff.
But I’m also too much of a noob to see flaws in my plan i.e. did I actually make it harder to handle when it’s difficulty of a Gentoo compounded by difficulty of a VM.
…need advice! Much thanks < 3

I also heard about Vagrant but uh I don’t even know what uh what question to ask about that, just to put it as a keyword here >_> yeah


For trying out new OSes, I highly suggest using virtual machines. They allow to set snapshots, so that you can completely brick the system, and always can go back to a clean state without having to reinstall the whole system.

Since you want to learn about Gentoo, I’d suggest NOT using Vagrant. Vagrant will do all the configuration for you, and thus basically take away the whole “Gentoo-feeling” :wink:

thanks for the encouraging reply man i already start following the handbook!

overwhelming amount of decisions to make, but the guidance is in concise language i think i learned some computer booting thing and some basic hardware…thing, lol

can see the suffer is around the corner, judging by the same fact that i am actually LEARNING at an early stage of installation, hehe can’t tell if i want to laugh or cry at this moment