RickdiculouslyEasy: 1 {VulnHub} Boot2Root (Not as easy as you think) Newbies STEP UP

Hello Guys!
This is the fourth Boot2Root for the people new to the CTF/Pentesting please feel free to check this out! It’s a little bit advance than the last 3 B2R boxes so please don’t get dishearten if you can’t find all the flags without help

might download this one tonight and work on it, been playing on the toronto CTF VM but about ready to move on.

@trainr3kt go for it it’s a great box for enumeration if you work that out,which always helps

yea it was good fun, had a good mix of techniques in it. might go after another one of the new vms tonight!

@trainr3kt i am really struggling with this one you might like it

brainpan is the bane of my existence…i really should spend more time on it cause im horrible at BoF

@trainr3kt I am struggling with the same trying to find content where to start with BoFs

i know there is some good stuff on overthewire and i think microcorruption also @CodingKarma

@trainr3kt Thanks a bunch mate i’ll just head over and check it out +1 respect for the valuable advice!