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If i want to learn more about a machine by doing recon, what are some ways using termux on android? I have used nmap which shows 1port open. I have played with curl and most options I’ve found so far so not display useful info. I really want to learn more and I’m disabled, so this is my new hobby and am interested.

Thanks for any info!

i really dont know about termux on mobile but kali on vb is awsome

Haha wtf I did exactly this tonight ■■■ what’s going on. Now go msf on termux it’s super fun but so sad they killed Linux on Dex ■■■ that was amazing full Ubuntu and USB-C and you got your entire setup in your pocket no heavy laptop no backpain no battery ■■■■ and dim screen but Termux is cool and you get MSF working so you got Github and Python what else do you need? Like USB-C and 4k display full keyboard and mouse at home this is the future, environmental friendly like 2 watts per hour HAHA you can even have X11 graphical display with VNC localhost but take care you gonna open ports to the world maybe use a firewall… How can the entry post be there in january and totally say what I did tonight ■■■ this is one paranoid android movie :smiley:

I think there’s a Kali Mod but I don’t wanna ruin my phone with custom mod it’s annoying.

I have problem insralling it so i using pc

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I have problem insralling it so i using pc

Haha man it’s easy ok? I’ll make a tutorial yeah gonna make my own blog soon and then I’ll share alright? But it’s not that hard ok just a few steps don’t work cause dependencies sh*t than I found some workarounds it’s so much fun but yeah not that useful I guess more like geek I like it!

Thanks bro but without nmap and that tools msf is useless