Forest machine help

Hello, new here to hackthebox, and new to pentesting in general. I have a general understanding of how to use some of the tools needed and a few exploits, but not much. I’ve chosen the ‘Forest’ machine to start learning and it seems to not be so easy lol I was hoping for a little help to get started, I’ve done ALOT of googling and to no avail. I’m not looking for answers or specific exploits, more of a general direction to focus my research in figuring out where to begin. Thank you :slight_smile:

See this thread for earlier discussion related.

Okay, through extensive research and learning a couple tools new to me, I was able to get user, but now I’m really struggling with root. I have SH output parsed into BH, but I’m not sure where to go from here… any hints? I see paths, but not sure how to make my way from one point to another