Footprinting SNMP

Can someone really help me with the SNMP Footprinting module? 'am totally stuck at the last question where it asks me to “Enumerate the custom script that is running on the system”. I can see only one service “snmpd” service running but dunno how to view the output.

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Stuck same place but I’ve just done it!
Review all section and use scripts for enumeration. Check out carefully.

Thank you, I was able to crack it the same day. I was using snmp-check instead of snmpwalk. :grin:

I am stuck on the last question as well. I have tried to run snmpwalk but I keep getting this: snmpwalk: command not found

Am I missing something??

Try to use the command “Locate snmpwalk” or you may want to install

apt-get install snmp

Hey guys, I’m stuck in the last question of the SNMP session. Can someone give me a clue about what am i looking for

Best hint is do everything from the section. One of those examples will provide your answer in the text wall. Just got to read it.

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Found my way to the flag! tnx

Okay but what next? Ive enumerated everything possible with smnp-check?

Use grep wink wink

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Yep, this helped me to complete the last question. Thank you !

For anyone who is still struggling, the output of snmpwalk will show you everything, you just need to find it. Esepcially for the third question, save the output of snmpwalk in a file and try filtering it out with “grep” and “grep -v”. I presonally filtered out all lines ending in _all and _amd64 since these would for sure not be custom scripts. Then I just looked trough the rest of the output and found the custom “script”.

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i’m done with this module except one simple question. you guys know what it means by ‘the customized version of the SNMP server’? i’m confused. is this question asking the version number of SNMP? like v1, v2, v3?

i think you need to login into that machine

you aren’t given any passwords during the enumeration though

what am i missing? How to I enumerate the shell?

i think you need to enter into machine

I agree with others here. No need to enter the machine. Just run snmpwalk and output the results. Then use grep to find the flag. WIll be included in the output of the snmpwalk.


You have to think first what it means by “custom script” first in order to now what to filter.

Just need to run snmpwalk, wait a few minutes and you will find the 3 answers. Just pay close attention to the output :wink: