Footprinting Lab - Hard

can you please gibe me another hint :frowning: I know Im close but so far cannot solve it

Hi, try to find a way to connect to SQL server

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Solved! It failed the first time cause of a typo, and never tried again :slight_smile: so noob…

the user is tom. I open the terminal as root. Use the full path name to the private key. i was getting a message about ‘public key’ opening the terminal as root fixed it

Chmod 600 the id_rsa

I’m stuck here. I’ve enumerated services with NMAP and found SNMP service. I’ve focused on SNMP but it’s version is v3 according to the Nmap’s result. So, I couldn’t enumerate it successfully. I’ve tried onesixtyone etc. to brute SNMP but couldn’t find a valid community string.
What I am missing? any hints please.

If you have enumerated with onesixtyone CAREFULLY review the output. There should be credentials that got dumped

Hi, Can you help me I’m also stuck and struggling to access the database on the target machine any hints?

Thx - very nice box. Could use all the learned stuff in the chapter for it. PM me for nudges.

Check the past :sunglasses:


awesome tip thx :slight_smile:

i am in tom’s terminal with ssh but i cant connect to mysql.
i found the bash_history and .mysql_history also a key:2,S but i cant figure out how to connect to mysql.

any command for snmp v3 and and where you all get tom user for ssh

Password reuse.

anyone need help dm me

This makes me feel horrible, I had no idea how to move forward. No idea about anything, this is extremely disappointing to see how bad I am at this. Thanks for the guide tho.


Hey man, keep your head up. Trust me when I say, that wasn’t my first attempt. It takes time to learn, doing this course won’t make you an expert, but it will give you knowledge and some experience!

When I record walkthroughs, I show the way forward, but it doesn’t mean that what I showed was what I did first time!

You got this!

Try typing sudo -l

Try to create a public key depending on the private key :yum:

Hey, I’ve already completed this lab but I still don’t get one thing. Nmap showed that the version of snmp is v3 but community strings don’t work with this version. Are there some components of v2c running or don’t I just understand something?