FARADAY Fotress Discussion

got second flag

did you get the “time to play” flag? do we actually have to play that game??

also stuck after the first flag. i think i know what the vuln is, just can’t quite work it out.

sorry late answer , I don’t remember having to play the mini game.

I am now in the same boat, I actually got flag 5 they are prob not in order, or I did something weird. Can someone DM me and please do not give me answer only need to see where to look since the order of the flags seems not lineal? at least after flag 2-3
edit [Nevermind got it]

For some reason no matter what flag I provide the crackme I always get no output. Given that we can write to the file, could it be that someone broke it?

Im stuck on the last flag. Im pretty sure i found the way and can execute hidden commands. I even connected to the box in a magic way. However im not able to show things, it always fails! Im starting to think that the program might be broken and the box needs a restart. Or am i missing something?

Just found this last flag, but I never figured out how to connect the magic way.

There’s a certain place you can look for clues about the type of program that you’re connecting with :wink:

Hello guys, I’m stuck on the third flag worth 25 points.

Question: Do I have to crack any hashes? Just to check if I’m going down a rabbit hole

Can smb help me to get 2nd flag? I found what should be “counted” but it doesn’t help me.

500 internal server error, can you vote for reset guys?