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Got root. Difficult box!

User Flag

  • Be a dev aimed for prod, not a source in half-fold;
  • Read the words to reveal, know the mode the word goes.
  • Open a web and seek a vuln, temp a file of one’s own;
  • Aim to pass and not to crack, make a change of your own.
  • Set some values to the beast, put its logic to a test;
  • Get some error at the very least, finding a poc is the best.
  • Seek for treasure and find a map, shows an item and a twine;
  • You see an item of another kind, how it’s built in on your mind.
  • Match the env and the grind, reveal the clocks that don’t shine;
  • Mock the clock and the lines, some some keys to unlock the twine.

Root Flag

  • Get some beans and some peas, spread it there and let it be;
  • See some red and some ease, seek online where it leads.
  • Read a book about a cloud, or read what cloud is all about;
  • Know the steps and the how, no need for cloud anyhow.

hi, i found how the authentification system works, i tested a lot of things (differents injections) , nothing worked, is there any little hints? i found a framework, but not sure that’s the right way because i didn’t find any “interesting” CVEs :frowning:

Just testing some url i got from a word list tool, when was checking i ended up with all info needed and tools that you would upload later on, has this happened to anyone else?

I managed to get root flag but when I try to insert it into Hack The Box the platform indicates that it is not correct… Someone with the same problem?

Sure? Try to google it

I was just able to submit the root flag without a problem. Feel free to DM me if you’re still having issues.

Thanks mate, I contacted the support team and although I still can’t put it on, they found the problem and are working on it. Thank you very much anyway!

Just rooted… this was definitely the most difficult linux box that i’ve completed so far… i had a lot of headaches to understand how to do the PE part without the “wrapper” tools. Lessons learned…
For anyone stuck, feel free to DM.

Excellent :clap: :smile:

Finally rooted after days of banging my head against the wall. Overall outstanding box. I learned a lot. DM me if you need help

Rooted the box! It was very fun and not too hard though there were places where I’ve got stuck. If anyone needs help feel free to PM me :smiley:

:pushpin: I’ve got the user-flag and I’m trying to get to root. I’m pretty sure that I know what to do, however, I’m a bit unfamiliar with the specifics here. Is there anyone that I can send a PM/Discord message about this? Cheers.

Hey! You can PM me here :slight_smile: