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Got root. Difficult box!

User Flag

  • Be a dev aimed for prod, not a source in half-fold;
  • Read the words to reveal, know the mode the word goes.
  • Open a web and seek a vuln, temp a file of one’s own;
  • Aim to pass and not to crack, make a change of your own.
  • Set some values to the beast, put its logic to a test;
  • Get some error at the very least, finding a poc is the best.
  • Seek for treasure and find a map, shows an item and a twine;
  • You see an item of another kind, how it’s built in on your mind.
  • Match the env and the grind, reveal the clocks that don’t shine;
  • Mock the clock and the lines, some some keys to unlock the twine.

Root Flag

  • Get some beans and some peas, spread it there and let it be;
  • See some red and some ease, seek online where it leads.
  • Read a book about a cloud, or read what cloud is all about;
  • Know the steps and the how, no need for cloud anyhow.
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hi, i found how the authentification system works, i tested a lot of things (differents injections) , nothing worked, is there any little hints? i found a framework, but not sure that’s the right way because i didn’t find any “interesting” CVEs :frowning:

Just testing some url i got from a word list tool, when was checking i ended up with all info needed and tools that you would upload later on, has this happened to anyone else?

I managed to get root flag but when I try to insert it into Hack The Box the platform indicates that it is not correct… Someone with the same problem?

Sure? Try to google it

I was just able to submit the root flag without a problem. Feel free to DM me if you’re still having issues.

Thanks mate, I contacted the support team and although I still can’t put it on, they found the problem and are working on it. Thank you very much anyway!