Empire installation fails....

Empire installation fails. I’m working with pwnbox and I’m trying to install empire based on this ippsec’s video. HackTheBox - Blue - YouTube When I tried to install it based on his video, I got an error similar to the following. Empire run error · Issue #1383 · EmpireProject/Empire · GitHub So I tried, -pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt but it did not work. After trying various things, I found that -pip install swig It looks like the package dependencies have been resolved. -pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt it’s worked, On the other hand, -python2 empire gave me the following error code and did not work. ``` Traceback (most recent call last): File “empire”, line 5, in
from flask import Flask, request, jsonify, make_response, abort, url_for
ImportError: No module named flask

I have already installed flask.
What could be the problem?</module>

How do you mark up posts on the hack the box forums?