Emdee Five For Life

Sup everyone! I’me new to this forum. I was wondering if I could get help with the Emdee challenge.
I’ve created a python script, but I’m not good at python and so my script. Could anyone just take a look and maybe point out some tips?

The script’s at my github emdee-attempt

Hello SickAndTired,

the challenge could be split into two parts: figuring out the correct answer (the correct way to calculate the correct answer) and sending the answer fast enough. A script is a way to send the answer fast enough. But in your script I can’t see the attempt to calculate the correct answer.

For me a hurdle was to recognize, that the web server returns only one of two response options (two options like pass and fail). So the two parts couldn’t be solved step by step.

The challenge is old (and retired) you can find a lot of tips in this forum with the search function.