disposable SMB share and SMB file transfer

I kinda struggle using SMB
I would like to configure some disposable SMB Share, you know a bit like when we start a python web server? We can start the python webserver and then once we are done, we can stop it.
So, I have my folder lets say ‘tmp’, and I want to create a SMB share on it, so I use:
python /usr/share/doc/python-impacket/examples/smbserver.py share-name tmp

Now, how do I transfer nc.exe which is in my /tmp/, aka SMB share-name to a HTB box ?
I have a smb> prompt on my HTB box. I tried copy \my_IP\my_share\nc.exe but it says copy is unknown command.

And, lets say that I manage to transfer it, if you can help (really I forgot how I did the previous times), how do I stop my share on my machine?
In order to avoid being hacked :wink:

Thank you for your answers

to map a share you can use ‘net use [drive letter]: \[IP]\share /user [share user name] [share passwd]’
and then to remove the mapping ‘net use [drive letter]: /delete’

if you have a PS shell like through evil-winrm obviously you will have to prefix copy, net use etc with cmd /c