Cyber Security/CEH certifications on HTB?

Hey Hackers,
I am not new to HTB Academy, Just telling Loved the courses HTB offers, I am currently enrolled in path operating systems,
I just wanna ask does HTB Academy provides free/paid certification for Cyber Security or CEH?

Hey, I am not sure I 100% understand your question. Do you mean, does HackTheBox have any certifications to help you study for the CEH?

They just released a certification called the CBBH (Certified Bug Bounty Hunter), you can find information on the Exams section under Learn:

Hi let me clear my statement,
I am thinking that if HTB provides any course/modules/path completion certificates for free/paid?

@bug_hunter, This is what you are looking for. Its the Bug Bounty Hunter Job Role Path.

Also, if you go to billing, they might still be running the Silver Annual Deal that gets you that Path, all Tier two modules, and two vouchers for the exam. Last time I had checked it was 490.00 USD.

Basically, you have to finish the whole Job Path to qualify to take the certification.

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