Cracking MIC - Hashcat Cracking Course

I’m currently taking the “Cracking Passwords with Hashcat” course and so far everything has been very straightforward. However, I’m now in “Cracking Wireless Handshakes with Hashcat” and I’ve run into an issue. I’ve followed the page instructions to the letter and cracked 5 out of 7 of the passwords in the 1st .cap file. The problem isn’t how to crack the hashes, the problem is that how to submit the answer to the challenge is unclear. Are plaintext passwords to be submitted by themselves, or is some other data to be included in the answer? It’s frustrating to spend money on these courses and then find that the instructions to complete them are vague and unhelpful.

No replies after a week? Guess I won’t be spending any more money on the academy…

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I used clear text answers.

for any problem with the platform is better to refer to the support system of the academy. In the forum, we rely only on community support.

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