Hashcat: "Working with Rules", I don't get the requirements


I stuck with the question to use hashcat for the sha1 hash at “Cracking Passwords with Hashcat”, “Working with Rules”.

What I did is creating a rulefile that included:

$2 $0 $2 $0
hashcat -r rule.txt rockyou.txt --stdout rockyou_mod.txt

Then I used hashcat with the hash (2020_training_sha.txt).
hashcat -a 0 -m 100 2020_training_sha.txt rockyou_mod.txt
I was not able to find the password.

I also used the following command:

hashcat -a 0 -m 100 2020_training_sha.txt rockyou.txt -r rule.txt
I was not able to find the password.

I assumed that I had to use the rockyou list and append “2020” to every password, this is what I did. Or do I missinterpret the requirements ?


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I found the solution. I though I need to delete the replacement for leetspeak but this was wrong.

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Thank you for sharing that tip navs_truma. I was sure i was doing everything correctly until i saw this.

As a hint for anybody that might get stuck at the same point as me: carefully read the instruction to modify the example rule