Cozyhosting Not Resolving

Cozy hosting isnt resolving for me, I put the ip address in my host file but I keep getting 301 redirects

Keep In Mind I am new, and just finished starting point. I put the ip address correctly, and everything with the domain “cozyhosting.htb”

Can you post the contents of your hosts file here? Thanks.

What’s your /etc/host file?

“$ cat /etc/host”

Also does it need to be port 443 HTTPS or 80 HTTP when trying to access the URL?


I have also re installed the vpn connections multiple times and tried once every single day

same thing happened with me with cozyhosting and some other machines, I tried with pawnbox too still didn’t work… only buying the vip fixed it.

Could you specify the machines? It didn’t work for codify, cozyhosting, and analytics for me

If it helps the only one that connects is the machine “Bizness”

Yes, I had problem with all these… devvortex too

I was able to scan the machines and all but the website was not loading, I was getting nginx error.

I also had problems with devvortex, is this with all the “easy” machines? Same exact problems as you.

I guess, but it fixed when I bought vip, maybe because of vip vpn…