am asking here because I have read about all the issues of this box and there is a new one.

I have tried to get a shell either through http.server+nc listener+msfvenom(nishang)+36025 as with msfvenom(shell_reverse_tcp)+36025+msfconsole(or nc either),corrected the payload size, double,triple checked everything. But when I execute the box through “python2 36025” cmd,after having reset the Victim machine, that command remains suspended and doesn’t close, no shell appeas in the listener. I have no idea why. I either thought it could be an issue with python versions on my pc because it gives me a bunch of errors if I execute “python 36025” and not “python2 36025”,it tried either to switch with conda enabling, I either tried the dos2unix tool.

Would appreciate a lot any advice.

Thank you